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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda Crow. I am a mother of four amazing children: three who are here with me on earth, and one who is awaiting our reunion in heaven. I am a homeschooling mom who embraces the life God has given me.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Something you should know

Ok, it's been almost 2 years, but my sharp mind has yet to return. I was always such an organized person, and I rarely forgot anything (except for where my keys were). However, since the accident, I can't remember anything. I forget when I have made appointments, I forget to send emails or return phone calls, I forget why I walk into a room, I can't remember birthdays, and I actually have to look at my address book to remember someones address and phone number (I NEVER had to do that before). It's incredibly frustrating and even more frustrating when people get mad at me for it. Grief can do really weird things to the mind. Another grieving mother told me that post-traumatic stress can cause physical brain damage. This damage and the stress over a loss can wreak havoc on the memory. So please don't get offended or annoyed with me or Ryan if we forget to say or do something....it's not intentional.